Posted on Sep 19, 2016
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werehiring_blog We are thrilled to announce that we are searching for a Studio Coordinator to add to our team! Overview: The Studio Coordinator will act as editor extraordinaire for our high-end boutique photography studio.  The ideal candidate enjoys self-directed work and creating efficient processes. They have an eye for color and detail, and a passion for presentation. Their key objective will be to manage day-to-day editing and workflow, playing an integral role in our mission to create an exceptional client experience. This position is part-time to full-time.  While not a guarantee of future employment, we wish to find a candidate who is a great fit for our studio and has a desire to grow along with our company. The Studio Coordinator will:
  • Edit RAW images and prep for client delivery using primarily Adobe Lightroom
  • Track and facilitate image and product workflows
  • Maintain studio environment to keep it well stocked and client-ready
  • Set up appointments, make travel arrangements, and prep equipment
  • Assist with client and vendor appreciation programs
  • Edit, order, and package printed products for client delivery
  • Complete special projects on an as-needed basis
Eligible Applicants Must:
  • Have impeccable attention to detail and a passion for organized processes
  • Have working knowledge of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop in a Mac-based environment
  • Possess an eye for strong composition and design
  • Be available to work 15 to 20 hours per week, with an interest in an expanded schedule in the future
  • Pass a drug, criminal background and credit check
Experience in photo editing and/or graphic design is a plus. Your high standards for excellence and desire to be part of a small team doing big things will catapult you above the rest of the field. To Apply: Send cover letter and resume, as well as link/portfolio of previous digital imagery work to by October 3, 2016.
Posted on Aug 28, 2016
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There are certain parts of a city that, when you visit, you say to yourself "that is what this town is about".  When you think about The Jefferson Hotel from either the native or the tourist point of view it's hard not to feel like you're in the place where modern Richmond started.  The grand staircases, the statue of Thomas Jefferson, the gorgeous beaux-arts exterior - I never get tired of walking through it to approach that stunning rotunda to begin shooting the reception.  Sure, I know that "Portland East" (or "Austin North" depending on who you ask) as RVA is getting the reputation for is rapidly becoming known for its future as much as its past, all it takes is a five minute drive to see that the River City has strong roots from its past centuries.     It was also great to be back in the sanctuary of St. Benedicts, a Richmond gem that we just don't see often en0ugh. As for Mary and Anthony, well, they brought their own classic charm to these two classic venues.  It was lovely to watch their personalities unfold as the day went on.  You can definitely see how the anxieties of the wedding day slowly slip away and the truly fun nature of this couple comes out.  Thank you to the Needhams and the Georges for your lovely and happy families.  You are the reason we still love every Saturday.   Enjoy.    
Posted on Aug 19, 2016
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  Ahh, Charlottesville.  Or, rather I should say...Ahh, the vineyards of Charlottesville.  Wine and vines.  Grapes and sunshine.  We'll take all of it.  It's certainly enough that we got to hang with the Faidleys and the Sanos.  Mike and Lauren were fantastic to work with, as we knew they would be.  But add in the hillsides and valleys, the breweries and the's kind of a perfect combination.  Veritas is never a bad idea either as it has one of the best reception halls in our personal opinion, and not just for a vineyard.  Oh, and if you're in to the varied and wonderful personalities that are on display for a wedding day, you can't get much better than this one. A heartfelt thank you to the people who made this day a lovely one for the Faidley and Sano families - Joyne Cordova of BRIDEface Richmond, Erinn Paris and Paris Cake Company, Sarah Stuart of American Beauty Salon, Dress by Mark Zunino Bridal, Bridesmaids attire by Weddington Way, and Carissa and Yael of The Gilded Thimble.    
Posted on Aug 15, 2016
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Yeah, sure.  Blue skies and oceans.  Palm trees.  Bright and beautiful colors and people.  We have that for you.  That's the easy part when you're invited to cover a wedding weekend in Puerto Rico.  And to Iris and Maria, two incredible planners working with us at the Condado Vanderbilt hotel, I'm pretty jealous that you see this every weekend.  But to the point...Tiffani and Scott didn't get here by any direct means.  Sitting down with them a few months before the wedding day, I asked "How did you meet?".  I've gotten so many different answers to that question over the years.  But this answer turned my head... "At Everest Base Camp" "Excuse me?" "I forgot to bring extra socks and Scott let me borrow his." *jaw drop and record skips* What followed was a truly wonderful love story, the kind that you'd expect when it starts at 18,000 feet and doesn't involve an airplane.   And what's going on below is just the tiniest little sample of one of the best four days of our professional careers.  Starting in the evening of the rehearsal dinner near Santurce market, to the hotel for the wedding night, and closing out with a day-after session in the streets of Old San Juan. And while you're in the browsing mood, go over to the Jet Fete blog to see a details-focused take on the wedding day.  Enjoy!                                                        
Posted on Aug 09, 2016
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If you remember back to the earlier blog post when Kate and Justin had their ceremony, you may recall it was a intimate and elegant affair, an early Spring evening that was lovely but brief in the classic and historic Commonwealth Club.  Flash forward now to the fullness of Summer and you'll see quite a few things have changed.  Friends and family alike joined the fun this time as it was all party, all the time.  And as is typical of Rockett's Landing there was no shortage of beautiful views and stunning sunsets.  Lindsay and I took full advantage of those views and the relaxed mood of the evening to spend a little extra time with the couple, while still enjoying a full night of music and dancing. Kate and Justin, I'm sad that our little months long adventure had to end, but thank you for making us a part of it.  Anytime you two are throwing a party, we want to be a part of it. Enjoy.  
Posted on Aug 03, 2016
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It doesn't get much more Richmond than this.  Rebecca and Jacob chose two of the most iconic locations in the entire city to host their ceremony and reception.  The Byrd Theatre is a fixture in the hearts and memories of so many Richmonders, growing up with it's 1920's architecture and brilliant organ to go along with cult classic showings and well-curated film festivals.   And while I don't tend to think of a wedding ceremony as a high drama event, there's definitely a circumstance to it that lends itself to the theater.  I loved Rebecca's and Jacob's approach to using the space, keeping it straight forward and allowing the beauty of it take center stage. When I met with these two for the first time we all knew that the day wouldn't be complete without a little stroll through Carytown (one of their favorite spots as a couple) to take advantage of their personalized marquee at The Byrd and the energy of all the Saturday shoppers milling about.  Seriously, what's not to love about it. And even the least travelled Virginian has heard of or visited the nationally recognized Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  The Marble Hall, the sculpture garden, the brilliant exterior's a photographer's dream and certainly a lovely destination for a wedding reception.  Lindsay and I always consider it an honor to be invited to each and every wedding, and this is no exception, but it's also great to be able to incorporate so many loved aspects of our hometown in the process. Congratulations to Rebecca and Jacob, their families, and the dozens of unnamed extras who had no idea they'd be part of this wedding day :)  Enjoy. (Special thanks as well to The Byrd Theatre, The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Vogue Flowers, Shyndigz, Emme St James, Seven Hills Studio, and Aaron Ellerbrock of Brideface)  
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Rain plans.  It's a phrase that no bride wants to talk about, but it does occasionally happen and it's good to be prepared.  How about lightning plans?  You'd think it's the same plan but occasionally you have a situation where an impending storm makes you rethink your strategies. I hadn't thought about it either until literally 48 hours before Sandra's and Matt's big day they found out that the weather was going to force a pretty big change.  They were changing their entire venue...only one of the biggest decisions you make (other than wedding photographer...clearly!)....with less than two days to spare.  Invitations already sent.  Directions distributed.  Flowers, cake, food...everything going in a different direction that had been planned for months. If you're a bride that's in the midst of planning her wedding you may have just passed out at the thought.  Did Sandra and Matt?  Nope.  Not even a little.  Now, this is the part where I tell you that having an exceptional wedding planner and coordinator is worth its weight in corsages and center pieces.  Adam Donovan-Groves of Donovan-Groves Events was amazing.  He coordinated the entire change with as little disruption to the day as possible.  Masterful job, Adam.  Truly. So, instead of frantic faces and worried expressions, instead of blown timelines and missed opportunities, you have an entire wedding day that happened exactly how it was supposed to happen with a simple last minute address change.  So, you can now focus on the beautiful little touches that filled the day.  Check out that Viewfinder loaded with relationship memories that Matt gave to Sandra before the ceremony.  Check out that reveal in the bridal suite at The Lodge at Mt. Ida.  All told, a remarkable wedding day. We often list our wedding colleagues, the "vendor team" as a recognition of their hard work and dedication to making a great wedding day, but this time it's truly a remarkable list.  Everyone involved rerouted everything to make this day happen for Sandra and Matt.  Thank you to, of course,  Adam Donovan-Groves and team, Milicent and staff at The Lodge at Mt. Ida, A Pimento Catering, MS Events, Nature Composed, Six Stylez Band with Sam Hill Entertainment, Favorite Cakes, and Anne Kibler. Enjoy.        
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    Have I mentioned how much I love being a wedding photographer?  Yeah.  I have.  You know I have.  And if you've been reading my blog you know why.  People.  Lots and lots of people.  Weddings are about people, defined by the people who are involved and who are invited to attend.  When I first got started in photography it was my dream to be a street photographer like the famous Magnum group members or an editorial photographer like the insanely talented NatGeo staff.   And I'd say a good 90% of my early film days were spent with a camera around my neck, wandering this town or that city, trying desperately to catch those "decisive moments" that I knew were happening all around me.  I had no idea that I'd be using all that practice to capture weddings and couples.  None.  In fact it wasn't until my friend Todd Smith, whom I met first as my own wedding photographer, encouraged me to try it that it even became a possibility for me. But here I am 13 years later, having spent countless hours surrounded by happy, smiling faces.  Even in the midst of the hot, full wedding season I find it really hard to feel burdened by the work.  You see, I took wedding photography on as a cause quite some time ago.  That cause was to create the best, most illustrative and enduring images that I possibly could.  I didn't want to just make a pretty picture and walk away.  I wanted my photographs to define the day for my couples and their families.  If my best work at any wedding looked like any generic magazine cover then I'd failed.  So it was and still is my mission to be better than what's expected.  And the more weddings I was invited to photograph, the more I wanted to. So, how does this relate to Euridice and Andrew?  Look through their images and tell me you don't smile when she smiles, reflexively and then openly.  When I tell you that the picture of the beautiful woman in the picture frame is of Euridice's recently passed mother, look again at the images of her and her father throughout the day and tell me you can't feel their expressions as if they're your own.  Look at Andrew's face as he quite obviously loves and admires Euridice, how he holds her and tell me you don't root for their lifelong happiness.  So yeah, I love my job. Enjoy.    
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