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Posted on Feb 02, 2013
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As we’ve moved in to the relative quiet of the wedding off-season, it gives us a little time to reflect on all that happened in 2012.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting quite a few events that cover the gamut of the wedding experience in Richmond and other parts of the world.  I wanted to start with one of our beloved weddings and couples of 2012, Julie and Jared Ireland.  It’s always an honor to be among the families and friends that gather for weddings; to be a part of their lives for just brief time and to share something that they’ll remember for many years.  With Julie and Jared, I had the sense that these two were  truly destined to be together and that I was witnessing something special.  It was a feeling that came from how their friends spoke of them and how everyone seemed changed for the better by seeing them together.   That confidence in each other and what this day meant to them followed me long after the evening was over.  Thank you to the Ramsey and Ireland families for your warm natures and for inviting us in for the weekend.  From the rehearsal to the end of the reception, we felt welcome and we were certainly entertained.

An aside:

I often speak to people of what I consider to be the nature of great wedding photography and a simple yet elegant affair like this one really drives it home.  Events like this one allow me to focus on people, on their expressions, on their interactions, which is the foundation of great event coverage.  Simply put, people make the event and provide the moments.  It’s just my job to keep my eyes open, find the right light and the right angle and catch it.  Sure, details are wonderful and you’ll always find them in my take on the day.   Portraits are fun and can really put a spotlight on the “on stage” personality of a couple, but nothing beats a true moment caught as it occurs.  I’ve yet to see a well lit and well posed image as profound as well lit and unguarded moment.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the past few weeks of shorts and t-shirts followed by snow and ski jackets.  Take care, be warm (or cool…depends on the day!), and we hope to see you back on the blog soon.