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Posted on Oct 04, 2016
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Funny titles again.  Trust me, it’s hard to find ways to summarize a full day’s worth of story in to three or four words when there’s just so much to tell you.  And honestly, the images are so much better at giving you what you want than my words ever could.  But still, I do love to give a little context to the proceedings.  Plus, there’s a bit of a local celebrity bent to this wedding that’s too fun not to share.

Anyone who’s been in Richmond longer than a few months has either heard of or shopped at Tom Leonard’s Farmer’s Market.  Heck, the road out front is named after the place.  Well, you can imagine how cool it is to find out that not only is the guy getting married, but we’re getting invited to photograph it.  From our first meeting with Karen and Tom, it was obvious what kind of wedding day this was going to be.  You couldn’t ask for a more down-to-earth and fun couple.  Just like we love our photographs, they are real.  They are easy going.  And they’re fun.  And cue the music…..

Seriously, the details were perfectly simple and elegant.  The planning and design were seamless.  The people were so warm and loved to party.  You really couldn’t ask for a better party.   And for you emotion junkies, check out that up/down sequence with Karen and Tom as they read their letters to each other.  Look at her face right as she reaches Tom at the end of the aisle.  Throw in some surprise fireworks over the lake and top it off with what looked like a troupe of professional dancers.

Enjoy the images and thanks again for visiting.

Oh, and a huge thank you to Marylee Marmer Events, White House Catering, Sassy Snapdragon, The Mixing Bowl, DJ Jimmy Steel, En’novation Band, and Rent E Quip for their expert help.