Posted on Jul 28, 2011
Posted in weddings

Keeping up with the theme of great people + great experiences = great wedding photography…

I met Helen several years ago through friends at one of my favorite Fan hideouts.  We built a random friendship through random encounters over the next few months (one being that she lived a block from our studio…maybe not so random after all) and always had a blast in our brief conversations.  Fast forward a while, and I get the call saying that she’d met this wonderful man (yes, that’s you Barrett) and she would love for us to be their photographers at their upcoming wedding.  Well, the answer was clearly yes, but not simply because we’re photographers and they needed one.  After meeting Barrett, then sitting down and talking about their plans and listening to their story, a few things were clear.  These two were awesome together and that their wedding would be an extension of everything that I knew about Helen and was getting to know about Barrett.  Oh, and they love photography.  Our little tagline isn’t just a throwaway message.  We find time after time that the folks whom we connect with are very much in love with real moments.  For us, to love photography is to love the moment.  Sure, we dig the fun portraits and respect the value of family formals, but the foundation of the wedding day is pure, unadulterated connections between people who care for each other and are simply having a great time.