Posted on Dec 28, 2011
Posted in weddings

We have been dying to show off this wedding for a while, so we were thrilled to hear that Glamour and Grace had picked up their wedding and published them to their blog.  From the very beginning of our time working with Sian and David we knew this would be a unique event, colored with such intimate details that meant something to them both and their families.  And while “vintage” has been such a buzz word for a while in wedding photography I have never seen an event that embodied the word like this one.   The elegant details both inside and out of their family farm house in the Richmond countryside show the wonderful synergy between the couple’s natural style and the end results on the wedding day.  Horse and buggy, bird cage veil, tux with tails,  house filled with family heirlooms covering more than a century…wow.

So, enjoy the images from their day, check out the link to their Glamour and Grace blog posting (, and have a Happy New Year!